Trying to be a band with internet page..

As the title says “trying”
I totally forgot to post anything about our recent tour, so I guess this was really sloppy internet move…
Anyway, we were on tour for 16 days with our brothers in arms, comrades or whatever you like to call, almighty The Truth.
It was really nice experience and some of gigs were the best we ever played.
And here is the poster for the tour.

2018 tour (2).jpg

Some gigs

Tour went really good, but im too lazy to write here anything about the tour.. So ask us in person everything about it or don’t. 🙂

These are the flyers for next shows we play…

Novi Marof 27.4.

novi marof

Zagreb 3.5.


Doing stuff, making things

After a long meeting in the RULES headquarters we decided that we should do a web page for the band, so we can post how many drumsticks were broken through rehearsals and stuff like that :)… Anyway here are the news:
1) We recorded 7 new songs and we want to do a 7″ record with that so if you want to release it contact us..
2) Going on tour next week with our worse half Left to Starve 🙂 (still missing some dates) 😦
3) Going on summer tour with The Truth, will post more about it later…

Here are some photos from recording and list for the tour that starts in a week..

24.3. Graz @ Sub
25.3. Bratislava @ Flame music bar
26.3. Prague @ Cafe na pul cesty
27.3. Lučenec @ Slimak pub
28.3. ??? drinking too much kofola??? (need help!!)
29.3. ??? going home to take a shower??? (need help!!)
30.3. Ljubljana @ Jalla Jalla
31.3. Rijeka @ Podrum
1.4. Vienna @ Venster99